Our client's thoughts about what makes us different: Their words, our inspiration

  • Jason Junge

    CEO - Pointertop Inc.

    We have been very impressed with Meridian's professionalism and competence. Meridian has consistently delivered projects on time, on spec and on budget, regardless of the level of difficulty or the innovations required.

  • Woody Arnold

    VP - KidzSpan

    I'm a repeat customer of Meridian's. I used Meridian when I was VP of Engineering for Harman's Aha Radio product. Because I was so pleased with that experience, I used Meridian to create a proof of concept (PoC) product when I started my own company called KidzSpan. They did a great job. They completed a PoC in just 6 weeks at a very reasonable cost. They product was exactly what I needed to pitch investors!

  • Roderick MacKenzie

    Founder and CEO - Drive Time Metrics, Inc.

    Meridian has played a key role in the development of Drive Time Metrics, and have proved to be a very capable and creative partner, working closely with us with easy flexibility – I would recommend them without hesitation.

  • James Park

    Founder - Stealth Startup Company

    Meridian is a unique partner that will help you build early proof of concept and prototype quickly without having to build your own team. Meridian is a full service partner with UI/UX design, cloud, and mobile app development resources. This was important for me because I had to get something built quickly to validate my product thesis and have a running mobile application ready for early investor discussions.

  • Lina Serrato

    Account Manager - McCANN

    Meridian can be defined in two words: professionalism and quality. I have had the opportunity to work with them for 3 years and the results have always been optimal, with excellent standards, proactive and creative, with an extraordinary staff. I can only recognize it as the best software builder of Colombia.