Meridian Group S.A.S. is a company created by Colombians, pioneers in the international software industry, focused on helping entrepreneurs and corporate clients in their needs for developing of platforms for data analysis, machine learning, IoT, mobile learning, IoT, mobile applications, web applications, and integrated cloud computing cloud services integrating tracking and traceability technologies such as Blockchain.

Since 2006, Meridian Group has maintained a close relationship with its main strategic partner abroad. Global Gateway Technologies, Inc. of Silicon Valley, Calif, USA, with whom it shares development, marketing and intellectual property efforts. This has allowed the Meridian team to remain active in innovation, with an international vision, as well as in market, product and technology trends.

We work creating software products and solving problems with technology for clients with technology for customers in the USA and Latin America, with several success stories in each of the lines in which we operate, always seeking excellence in each of the projects for the benefit of our clients.